2019 Pool Pass System Directions


Guest Pass Information

For New or Not Yet Registered Residents

  • In the Willows website, click on the “Manage your Account” tab and follow the directions.
  • Your user name is your street address without the type of street designation. For example, if you live at 9901 Juniper Hill Road, your user name will be:    9901juniperhill
  • You should have received a temporary password at settlement, or when we first started the online system.
    • If you do not have your temporary password, the temporary password will not work, or you cannot get into the system, please contact us here.
    • Once you are in the system, please change your password to one of your choosing.
  • Please note: You cannot change the following fields in the system:
    • Username; Address; Pre-identified owner(s) name
  • Please complete the online forms as soon as possible.
    • After you have entered each of your family member’s names, please click edit next to each name to add additional information.
    • You are asked to upload pictures for your family members. If you wish, the guards can take your picture at the pool and upload it to your account.
    • All members age 18 and over MUST sign a waiver form.
    • Please be sure to fill out the forms completely, including the required waivers.
    • Please make sure you do not skip any of the steps.
    • Live-in child care providers should be included on your application.

If You Registered in a Previous Year

  • Click on the “Member Log In” tab and follow the directions.
  • Your username is your street address without the type of street designation. For example, if you live at 9901 Juniper Hill Road, your username will be:  9901juniperhill
  • Your password will be the same as the password you used in previous years.
  • You will be asked to confirm your information.  Please be sure to update any information that has changed and to fill in any missing information.
  •  Each family member age 18 and over must complete a waiver form every year.
  • If you have a child between the ages of 12 and 14, you can fill out a permission form allowing that child to go to the pool without an adult, if you wish to do so.
  • Please do not skip checking your account- it is important that you do so each year.


The Willows of Potomac Community Association reserves the right to request proof of residence from any member listed on your account. This proof may be requested from, but not limited to, anyone listed on your pool application over the age of 18 when they visit the pool for the first time, or subsequent times if it is not shown.    The following will be acceptable proof:

*Picture Driver’s License showing Willow’s address (due to past abuse we can no longer accept the MVA change of address card as proof of Willow’s address);

*Utility bill in resident’s name for Willow’s address & mailed to Willow’s address (i.e., electric, gas)

*Bank statement in resident’s name mailed to Willow’s address;

*Closing documents/ Signed contract for lease/rental of Willow’s property (there are additional forms required in cases of lease/rental).

Guest Pass Policy and Purchase Procedures

Only residents of the Willows of Potomac with valid pool passes and their guests may use the pool.  Guests must have a valid guest pass and be accompanied by a resident at all times.

What you need to know:

Residents may bring a limited number of guests to the pool provided:

  • The resident remains at the pool with the guest at all times
  • The resident pays for each guest with:

Guest pass credits purchased in your Willow’s online account (see below)


Payment of the guest fee at the pool guard station:

$1.00/guest on weekdays           $2.00/guest on weekends & holidays

ONLINE GUEST PASS PURCHASING:  Once you have set up your account you will have the ability to purchase guest pass credits online.  These guest pass credits will be reflected on your account, and the guards will use these credits for guest pass fees for guests when you bring them in.  You will be able to purchase guest pass credits any time before and during the season.  Credits purchased last year, and not used, are still good this year.   The online guest pass credits are sold in bundles and credits purchased in 2018 will also be good in 2019.    You must be logged into your account to buy guest passes- click on the Buy Guest Passes link.

If you have any questions or problems,

please click here, on the SUPPORT link on the website or ask for assistance at the pool when it is open.