Pool Reservations Directions

We have determined that we will start off the season with reservations for pool time and a limit on capacity.  Currently, the county rules require us to do so.  However, we are aware that the rules may soon change, and we will continuously evaluate the best way to manage our pool while keeping our unvaccinated children safe.   We appreciate your cooperation as we navigate this unprecedented situation.

Reservations will be available for any given day one week in advance.

You may make up to 4 main pool reservations per week, and up to  4 lap lane reservations per week.

Reservations are available in time blocks for the main pool and for the lap lanes.   Each member may only sign up for one time block each day.

To Make a Reservation, click on  Manage Account.

Sign-in, if have not yet done so.  Problem signing in?  Email us 

Make sure your information is up to date and sign the necessary waivers.

Click on Reservations on the blue line near the top.

Click on Make Reservation

You will see Main Pool near the left side.  Click on that and follow the directions to reserve time at the main pool. Make sure to use the arrow near the date to select the specific day you want.  The first day the pool is open is: May 29, 2021

If you wish to reserve a lap lane, click the arrow next to Main Pool and you will see Lap Lanes.  Follow the same procedure to reserve a lap lane.

You can check on your reservations, or cancel an existing reservation, by clicking My Reservations.

If you have any problems please email us.