Pool Registration Directions


* If you do not have your login information or temporary password, please send an email to: thewillowsofpotomac@gmail.com
Be sure to include your name and Willow’s address.

* Once you have your login information, go to: Manage Account
* Click on the “Log In” tab and follow the directions
* Please change your password to one of your choosing when you first enter the system
* Once in the system, you cannot change the following fields: Username; Address; Pre-identified owner(s) names
* Be sure to fill in all of the requested information.
* After entering your family members’ names, please click edit next to each name to add additional information.
* Please upload pictures of your family members.

*All members age 18 and over MUST sign a waiver form.
* Please be sure to fill out the forms completely, including the required waivers.
* Please make sure you do not skip any of the steps.
* Live-in childcare providers and/or caretakers should be included in your application.


* Click on the “Member Log In” tab and follow the directions.
* Your username is your street address without the type of street designation. For example, if you live at 9901 Juniper Hill Road, your username will be: 9901juniperhill
* Your password will be the same as the password you used in previous years.

* If you do not remember your password, please send an email to thewillowsofpotomac@gmail.com

* Be sure to include your name and Willow’s address in the email.

* Once you are signed in, please be sure to update any information that has changed and fill in any missing information.
* Each family member aged 18 and over must complete a yearly waiver form.
*If you have a child between the ages of 12 and 14, you can fill out a permission form allowing that child to go to the pool without an adult if you wish to do so.

* Please do not skip checking your account- it is important that you do so each year.

If you have any questions/issues, please email: thewillowsofpotomac@gmail.com